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What is it about a big pile of white tulle and lace that cause women to gush with “oo’s” and “ah’s”? Something about the beading and bustling causes a bond in women. But this is exactly what happens when women walk into a bridal store. And I had my first experience with gown shopping today.

My friend, and daughter of the family I’m living with, Dani (Daynee) is very recently engaged, with a wedding date of mid-December. She just got back last night from being in Arizona for 2 weeks (where she was proposed to), so all of us ladies were off to the store today to begin the gown search. It was busy in the store when we arrived, so we had to wait for a bit for a consultant – so we enjoyed looking through the magazines at dresses, earmarking the pages with gowns Dani like, and quietly critiquing the gowns we saw on other girls. One dress in particular we agreed totally did not flatter the girl wearing it, but yet she was trying on veils with it, while we’re thinking “why isn’t her mother telling her that it’s not the most flattering dress on her figure?”, but… I suppose to each their own. It is your wedding day, after all, so you should be entitled to wear whatever you want.

When Dani’s consultant came over, she was talking about putting Dani in a size about 3 sizes too big for Dani’s small frame… but Dani and Grace went along with it, and picked out a couple dresses to start with. Of course, when she came out wearing the first one, it was practically falling off of her. So we went on a mission: Grace, Andrea, Ashley and myself found dresses to her liking in her size. After all, we’ve watched 304 episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC, so we have an idea of what we’re doing! One of the most expensive dresses she put on, the consultant (who had been totally absent up to this point) began saying how happy Dani looked in that dress, how she looked like she couldn’t stop smiling, and how beautiful she looked. The dress was beautiful, I’ll give her that, but Dani hated it, and definitely was not smiling in that dress. So after a few more dress changes, Dani found the one she loved. Of course it ended up being different from what she thought she would like. And it turned out it was the very dress that we had been talking about that we had seen the other girl in when we had first walked in. But on Dani it looked simply magnificent. And Dani couldn’t stop smiling. Dani was happiest in that dress, and it fit her personality best. That’s when the consultant decided to re-enter the picture, to try to sell a veil. Dani let her kind of do her thing, but Dani already knew what she wanted to do in regards to that.

The only unhappy camper during this female bonding time was Elias, Ashley’s baby boy. Poor thing – we make him watch “Say Yes to the Dress” and other bridal shows, and he gets drug along to a bridal store. Considering how young he is, he did really well. When he got hungry, then things got serious. And his grandma Grace had the nerve to try to feed him peas! Of all things – peas! That made for an extra unhappy little boy. Thankfully Grace had grabbed another container of baby food, so she quickly remedied the situation, and with a full tummy we once again had a happy boy. I’m sure everyone around us appreciated it as well.

We capped off a great female bonding afternoon with a trip to Starbucks. Is there anything better than dress shopping then wedding talk in a cozy coffee shop? Seems like a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon to me! And I am so thrilled that Dani found a dress that she absolutely loves and looks beautiful in!


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  1. I am glad you documented this! haha

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