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That Gut Feeling

Do you ever get that gut feeling that something just isn’t quite right? Or maybe that it is very, very wrong? I believe that God gives us that discernment to keep us safe, and that it is wise to listen to it. I very recently had an experience with just such a gut feeling.

I have been looking recently for a new part-time nanny job to supplement my support-based ministry job. Just a little over a week ago, I received an email from a man that said he found me on  This isn’t unusual, because I am registered on that website, and I have been contacted by other dads – but when it came time to interview, it was with both the man and his wife. I began to email this man, to gather information to determine if the job would be a good fit for me. The more we emailed, the more I began to get a feeling that something wasn’t quite right. There was nothing in particular that was necessarily ‘wrong’… but something wasn’t sitting right in my spirit (or gut, if you will). His questions began to sounds more like things you’d ask on a first date with someone. And the amount that he was willing to pay seemed too high. He talked about his two daughters more like objects than people. The way he worded things was just plain strange. I started to get suspicious. I shared the email with Andrea on Friday in the ministry office, and she thought it sounded all too weird as well.

I decided to email the nanny website on Friday night to inquire if they had ever even heard of this man. I got a response first thing Saturday morning. They said that they had had a man register by that name with a stolen credit card, and his account had been shut down a couple of weeks ago! Yikes! No wonder I was feeling uneasy about this situation. I emailed the nanny website back today, asking if it is possible to alert all the registered nannies of this man, to ignore him – because who knows how many other emails he acquired while registered on the site.

I am so thankful that I listened to my uneasy spirit and didn’t give him my phone number or any other information. I feel like God was warning me of a potentially bad, or even dangerous, situation. I am so thankful that God is a protective Father who watches out for the well-being of His children!

So, next time you feel that uneasy, wary, non-right feeling in your spirit (or gut) – heed it! Stop, pray about it, and listen to God. He may be warning you of danger and trying to keep you safe.

**8/9/10 Update**

I received an reply today from the website again, about my suggestion to email everyone with a warning. They said they sent one out 9 days ago, but they resent the warning today (I don’t remember getting one, so I’m glad they resent it). And apparently this man has emailed others as well, and they have reported it to the FBI cyber-crimes division.


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  1. I’m glad you listened to your gut feeling! Creepy

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