Musings from a promise-collector

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yesterday I wrote about a dream that God had given me about His faithfulness to His promises. I would like to continue from that vein, and tell you about another part of the dream. You will have to read that post for this to make sense.

Once I finished collecting pieces of the rainbow and sticking them in my backpack, I looked on the ground and discovered something else. Scattered around my feet were pictures in frames of varying shapes and sizes. As I began to pick them up, I realized that many of the frames were hinged together, so I began folding them up and placing them in the backpack as well.

When you look at pictures that you have around your house, you see moments that you wanted to capture, memories worth saving. A special day, a birthday, a vacation, a wedding. Pictures represent where we’ve been – our past.

So while I was gathering up promises of the future, I was also picking up things from my past. I feel like God was showing me how my past and my future are linked. That all the experiences I’ve had – good, bad, or difficult – they are all part of my future. These are the areas that Jesus will minister out of and through me to others. And I always knew this to be true, but I believe that it will be in a more significant way that I imagined before. Also that many of these promises will come to fulfillment through avenues related to my past.

All our experiences are not random, disconnected things that happen to us that we just have to get through as we journey through life. They are things that God is orchestrating in our lives to bring about blessings to others and to ourselves. And if we could see the master plan of His working, we would see something beautiful. He has plans for our lives, plans that bring glory to Him as we grow deeper and deeper in love with Him.


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