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Listening to God

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I do have an excuse though… we had our ministry staff retreat last week. So I definitely had my hands full helping out as much as I could to get things ready.

And what a staff retreat it was! It is always good to get together with everyone, catch up, share life. It always proves to be an encouraging time, as well as challenging. God spoke in some awesome ways this year. He told us through two separate people who spoke into us that a break-through is coming! (One used the text from 2 Samuel 5:20, the other used 1 Chronicles 14:11 – the story of David and Baal Perazim.) The FCA chaplain from UT spoke to us another day, and God told him to tell us to “Get Ready!” We were also reminded that we do not need to find the words to speak – that sometimes silence is ok. These were all very timely words of encouragement to our staff. We had times of prayer for each other as well, that were also encouraging.

It is interesting all the ways that God chooses to speak with us. As I’ve shared, He sometimes speaks to me through dreams. He speaks to us through His Word. He speaks to us through promptings of the Spirit. And in some of the more exceptional cases, God spoke through donkeys, bushes, smoke, and the wind.

God speaks, and you will hear Him if you are listening. So how does God speak to you?


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  1. Glad you switched over to wordpress…haha!

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